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Leaders in the development and Research for Dynamic & Active Emergncy Exit Signage


Since 2009 Evaclite have been leading the research & development of Intelligent Active Dynamic Emergency Exit Signage Systems ( IADSS). Earlier trials conducted by Prof. Galea of the University of Greenwich on standard "passive" emergency exit signs concluded that 62% of the people taking part in those trials did not see the standard signs during an evacuation. Evaclite having already designed some conceptual emergency signage, set out to address how signage could be better seen whilst retaining the present style of signs.


Three years of testing and trials backed by academic analysis.


During the period November 2011 to August 2014 Evaclite were part of the successful 2.1 million EU commission funded "Getaway" project, where Evaclite further developed its innovative LED Dynamic & Active arrays of green arrows and red crosses, set within the standard style emergency exit signs. Further development was made to combine the activation of the signage in tandem with existing devices and software such as fire alarm panels/sensors, emergency lighting systems, CCTV and fire computer modelling programs. The summarised results of the trials speak for themselves ( please see the Home page).


Award Winning Research.


Evaclite were delighted to have been invited to attend the National Guardian Newspaper University Awards 2014 where the University of Greenwich collected the Research & Impact Award for work completed on the Getaway project which tested the Evaclite signs with live trials both in London and Barcelona. Professor Galea said  " We are thrilled to have national recognition for the extensive research carried out by the team. Our aim was to demonstrate the life-saving potential of the signs, which bring the humble emergency exit sign into the 21st century."



Management Team.


Evaclite's Co founders and Directors Brian Stevens & Bernard Mc Donagh have over 18 years collective experience in the field of dynamic signage development and continue to steer the company in terms of product design and liasing with global manufacturers/clients. Brian Stevens said " We have developed the technology to work with both British/European and North American styles of emergency exit signage and are presently inviting interested parties to collaborate with so that the product has a global reach and backed by localised supply/support services. Interest has been far and wide from large and small commercial buildings/shopping centres/malls in the UK/Australia, Military applications in North America, to large metro projects. It is certainly an exciting time for the future growth of the company and our supporting agents. If there was an underlying factor in the quality of the enquiries we receive is that Evaclite have conducted academic trials supporting proof of concept, an important tick in the box for todays discerning client"

Applications for Dynamic Signage Use.


The applications for Evaclite Dynamic Signage is as varied as its clients requirements. These can include corporate social responsibility aims, especially in the field of public safety in todays security conscious world. The signs can be used to reduce risk to members of the public and staff and can provide an optimum route out of a building,providing a safe exit during for example, fire, flood, security/terrorism breach, crowd control, improve evacuation procedures for large multi-faceted buildings and can help people with visual/hearing impairments who might not see standard emergency exit signs or hear the evacuation alarm. Dynamic by nature, the Evaclite signs are designed to attract the eye to the sign which is ever more useful where there are many other signs to conflict with such as at an airport/rail terminal/shopping centre/mall.

Guardian University Award Picture - Receiving AWAR Norman Baker MP visits Sussex business EvacLite

Guardian Newspaper National Award 2014

Research & Impact

Norman Baker - Home Office Minister

Visits EvacLite's offices

Former Home Office Minister and MP for Lewes Norman Baker (pictured far right) visited Evaclite to hear about the business and their plans for the future. He said: It’s really good to see a local company coming up with a niche innovation that has the potential not only to improve public safety and save lives but also to generate significant export earnings for the UK.

Brian Stevens continued: “While standard emergency signage points the way to an exit what happens if that's the way danger is? Our signs have the potential to make a real difference to the effective evacuation of buildings.”





Pictured from the right, Norman Baker, Co Founders Bernard Mc donagh & Brian Stevens, Barclays Corporate Manager Peter Mills.

The Guardian University Awards were launched in 2013 as a way of showcasing world-class teaching, research, leadership and engagement within the higher education sector.

The award, in the prestigious Research Impact category, is for the work of the university’s Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) in co-developing a new type of emergency signage system. Known as Active Dynamic Signage Systems (ADSS), these signs could revolutionise

evacuation procedures and help to save lives in emergency situations.

Professor Ed Galea, Director of the Fire Safety Engineering Group, within the university’s Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, says: “We are thrilled to have national recognition for the extensive research carried out by the team. Our aim was to demonstrate the life-saving potential of the new signs, which bring the humble emergency exit sign into the 21st century.” Pictured from right: Brian Stevens, Co Founder of Evaclite, Dr. Christos Giachristsis, Project Manager for British Maritme Technolgies, and Professor Ed Galea, Head of the Fire Safety Engineering Group, Universtoy of Greenwich. Presented by the Amity university.