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How EvacLite Dynamic Signage

Can Work Within Your Building

New additions to the EvacLite range coming soon

EvacLite Dynamic Signs have been proven to facilitate a safer evacuation during an emergency. The signs attract the eye and provide a dynamic pulsing array of light within the emergency luminaire. Being intuitive the signs are easily understood by all languages.


Building owners/operators can derive multiple benefits from this innovative signage system and these include:


Helping to reduced decision times

- In trials, people were able to decide on the correct safe route three times faster.

- Faster egress speed from greater confidence levels.

- Level 1: Evacuates people to the available/nearest exits.

- Level 2: Evacuates people to the safest exits.

- Level 2: Evacuates people away from potentially dangerous exits.

Controlled Evacuation

- All available exits are better ultilised preventing bottleneck situations.

- Better exit sharing

- Can assist fire wardens/current Evac plans particulary for high-rise buildings.




- For extended travel distances along approved escape routes.

- For complex buildings, multi level, hospitals, stadia.

- For route guidance to ingress evacuations, i.e. Safe rooms.

- For situations where fire/smoke may impact normal evacuation paths

- For security applications, i.e. suspect package, unauthorised entry.

- For non-conventional evacuation strategies eg use of lifts, re-entry into carparks

- For improved evacuation of confined spaces/limited access areas.

- For buildings with signage clutter, i.e. airports/rail terminals.

- For Tunnels where smoke/fire may effect visibility of exits.

- For evacuating people with visual and/or hearing disabilities, i.e. hospitals.




View our short light hearted overview of just how EvacLite Dynamic Signage can help your evacuation process.






















Connection/triggering Methods:


1) Digital Addressable Lighting Interface - DALI

2) Mains Power Signalling

3) Digital Acoustic Processor

4) OPTO 22



Emergency Evacuation - Three Levels available:


Level 1 - EVAC- DSS - Simple activation of the dynamic arrow within the EvacLite sign. During an alarm activation, the EvacLite Dynamic signs automatically light up and pulse their LED arrays showing where the nearest fire exits are in the building.























Level 2 - EVAC- ADSS - EvacLite Dynamic signs which can also bar an exit from being used by the illumination of a bright red cross within the fire exit sign. This for example could be used in association with CCTV in a large building where the operator has spotted a hazard to the east of the building and this now requires an evacuation route west and away from the potential danger.Using a system such as DALI, each sign can be controlled to either show a green "for go" arrow or "Do Not Enter" red cross.


AWAITING VIDEO...Coming soon





Level 3 - EVAC- IADSS - Working in conjuntion with predictive fire modelling software such as EXODUS, the EvacLite Dynamic Signs can be individually controlled and react to a changing hazardous environment.   A previously safe EXIT can be changed to a non viable exit at anytime and facilitate a safer evacuation as the fire/hazard unfolds. This system is ideal for muti-faceted buildings on those on many levels.






The following video was part of the Science Channel programme, "Popular Science's Future of Security", first broadcast on 31/08/09 and interviews Prof Ed Galea of FSEG concerning FSEG work on evacuation modelling. The interview goes on to discuss FSEG work on faster than real time fire and evacuation simulation and how this can be used in Intelligent Adaptive Signage Systems to provide people with the optimal evacaution route.







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