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With EvacLite, evacuees can save valuable time when faced with a decision during an evacuation.

When a fire alarm is activated in a building, quite often the first and natural response from members of the public is "is this actually real or just another false alarm?


During this "decision to move" period, vital time is lost as people look to others to make the first move and then follow them out of the building.After all, no one likes to look a fool and so it becomes safety in numbers if we follow someone else that has already made the decision to evacuate.


This is often reffered to as the "Pre-movement" & "Travel behaviour" stages and as quoted in BS9999 2008 under "Managing Fire Safety. During an evacuation it is quite often the "Pre-movement" time that wastes most of the required time to exit the building through in-decision and then trying to pick out the safest fire escape route as an emergency unfolds.


EvacLite offers not only a clearly visible dynamic sign but academic trials have proven that the dynamic signage prompts people to immediate action through the movement of the LED arrow pointing along the route to the nearest fire exit point and can improve evacuation times by over 100% and decision times by 44%.

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