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There are more reasons to consider dynamic signage than you may think.


The market is beginning to recognise the benefits of dynamic over passive emergency exit signage. Broadly and, as we know, dynamic signage has been proven to be over twice as effective in terms of being seen and understood by all. It gets people moving in half the time and in the right direction, towards safety and away from danger. It reduces congestion in an evacuation by over one third and reduces overall evacuation time by nearly one fifth. It is also much more inclusive helping everyone to get to their nearest, safest exit more quickly, every time.

Even if you know this and are considering the upgrade, what you may not know is that it also:

  1. Provides greater evacuation control.
  2. Minimises disruption in a drill or false alarm (you can get people out and back in quicker)
  3. Helps protect your people, your business, and your brand.
  4. Helps minimise property damage through getting people out faster in effect allowing the emergency services in quicker.

If this finally convinces you then may we encourage you to not delay. Make your people safer by specifying or buying Evaclite dynamic signage today.

Risk or reward?

Do you own, manage, or have responsibility for a business, building or space? If so, you deal with and manage risk every day.

The legal minimum is to endeavour to identify, avoid and mitigate risk to achieve compliance.

These days, the modern business owner or manager is much more likely to take a proactive approach and seek to minimise or eliminate risk whenever and wherever they can realising the benefits and rewards, personally, financially and commercially such an approach can deliver. 

This more informed and progressive approach is to be applauded. It is and has always been an important and significant responsibility professionally. More recently it has become a personal one too. Should something happen, the responsible individual can be held personally accountable with the potential of an unlimited fine and even a prison sentence should their approach be found wanting.

With this is in mind, you might like to consider installing dynamic exit signage.

Being over twice as effective as conventional, static signage, it is a powerful weapon in the business or building manager’s risk, health and safety arsenal. It is specifically designed to minimise the evacuation time of any building or space helping to plan and allow for the unexpected.

It also provides an extra level of control over the flow of people around the building in an emergency bringing additional efficiency and effectiveness to an organisation’s reaction to any emergency minimising the risk to people and property as a result.